Grounded on air.

Play with me,

Tease me,

Gobble me up with your mouth –

‘Cause that’s all I live for.




Please be patient with me,

For I will come around.


Allow me my space,

To process my thoughts,

And to process myself,

And I will give you yours.


We’ve found something, the both of us,

Something beautiful,

Born out of mutual respect and adoration,

And deep love,

And we can cherish till it the end,

If only, we took care to nurture it –

And nurture it, we will,

Because it’s beautiful, like a baby.


And darling, hear, I will come around,

‘Cause just like you, I’m learning to love,

Myself, and the both of us, and the world,

And until then, I ask of you,

Please be patient with me.