Healing –

May your pain humble you

And put you on a path

Where you find comfort and solace

In life around you.


Work Days

It wasn’t a typical day at work –

She’d left the gawkers gawking

She’d proved beyond doubt her mettle

She’d toyed with the idea of brilliance,

And’d emerged unscathed.


The Push

“Keep at it”, they said.

“You’ll get somewhere”, they said.

As thoughts and feelings began to take over,

It was as if someone had just hit Restart.


Living with myself, taking care of me

To not second-guess myself,

To let things go;

To allow myself love,

To articulate and to connect.

Living with myself,

Taking care of me.


The E-bike & I

I take it for granted—I know I’m in for a ride. I know I have nothing to worry about. I know I can just glide along. I know I can push it to its limits.

I am not repelled by its bright color; on the contrary, it sets the mood for the journey. Yes, journey. A unhurried, unfazed journey. For all the odd traffic that the Pondy streets can throw at it. For all those odd jaywalkers. For all those not-so-odd bumps in the road. ‘Cause all it does is a-cruise.

Pondy and the BSA Street Rider. Think Old Monk and Coke. Think jeans and sneakers. Think music and lyrics.


Tex Tures & Pop Ups

Textures, wavy textures

Wavin’ about

Wavin’ about for life

Zany, wany textures.



Pops up in the middle of nowhere,

In the middle of somewhere,

Propped up Pop-Up.